“Eating is melding a territory”

said the French geographer Jean Brunhes.
We at Buonit s.r.l. offer authentic and genuine flavors and fragrances of our sweet land that joins the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia in northern Italy.
We are a company animated by passion, love and gratitude for nature and its fruits, we are dedicated to the processing and sale of local agricultural products, starting from the renowned Figo Moro.

We work in close collaboration with the Consortium for the protection and enhancement of FigoMoro from Caneva and other realities of agricultural excellence. To learn more about Figo Moro go to the link www.figomoro.it

Jams, sauces and culinary preparations reflect our values.

New or traditional tastes and with many nuances, genuineness and craftsmanship are melted to give emotions and to capture the natural taste, beauty and soul of a unique territory and the cultural heritage of its people.

We propose our products to:

  • Shopkeepers looking for genuine and exclusive products for a particularly attentive and demanding clientele
  • Restaurateurs who want to make their dishes tasty and original
  • Ice cream artisans in search of new, unique tastes with a strong territorial identity